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V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies
Coolant Reconditioning System Reconditioning System Coolant Reconditioning
V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies

V. M. Tecknologies
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Coolant Recondition System

Coolant reconditioning system withdraws coolant from a machine tool sump to filter solids and to remove tramp oil. This coolant reconditioning system also kills bacteria in the coolant through inbuilt ozone generator before returning it to the machine tool sump. The coolant reconditioning system consists of a separator tank that has coolant inlet and coolant outlet. Proper arrangement is provided to separate tramp oil from thecoolant. An ozone generator is connected to the separator tank for dissolving ozone into the coolant to kill bacteria, yeast and fungus. A discharge hose connects the separator tank coolant outlet and the sump in these coolant system.

Self-Contained Coolant Reconditioning System

We deal in Self-Contained Coolant Reconditioning System and our product is made up of good quality.

  • Powder coated-painted surface tested for 1000 hours salt spray
  • Dual filtration
  • Easy access filters
  • Adjustable, auto reverse skimmer
  • Overflow sensor for unattended operation
  • Handles up to 750 gallons of total sump capacity
Self-Contained Coolant Reconditioning System
V. M. Tecknologies
Flow Rate 2 gallons per minute
Dimensions Length 40 inches
Width 28 inches
Height 42 inches
Weight Dry 245 lbs
Shipping Weight 280 lbs
Air Reduirement 10 SCFM at 80 PSI (120 PSl maximum)
Electric 120 v, 60hz, 1 phase, 3 amps
Average Delivery .078 grams/hour with 431 ppm concentration @ 3 SCFH

V. M. Tecknologies

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Compact Coolant Reconditioning System

Compact coolant reconditioning systems are very effective and highly efficient. These systems help in extending the life of the coolant without machine downtime. Some of the benefits that these systems have include:
  • Reduced disposal costs & coolant-purchases
  • Controlled odors
  • Extended coolant life
  • Improved tool life
  • Eliminating the need for chemical additives
  • Fluid consistency
  • Improved shop environment
  • Reduced machine clean-out frequency
Compact Coolant Reconditioning System
V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies

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V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies

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