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V. M. Tecknologies, Karnataka

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Namasivayam Mohan (CEO)

Address : 50/1, Sree Ram Mandir Road
Basavanagudi, Bengaluru - 560004, Karnataka, India


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Calculation of Running Costs for the VACUDEST® 200
Head Data
Customer Sample Customer  
Date of Calculation 6/6/2009  
Specific Customers Data
Electricity Price €/kWh 0.060
Costs for Customers Service Staff per hour €/h 15.00
Fresh Water including Sewage Water Costs €/m³ 4.50
Basic Data for the Treatment
Treatment Capacity of the VACUDEST 200 m³/a 1000
Energy Consumption kWh/m³ 75
Annual Costs for H2O Service Contract (option) €/a 2900
Required maintenance done by customers staff h/week 0.5
Investment for VACUDEST 200 with accessories 110,000
Spare part costs related to investment costs %/a 4.0
consumables (cleaner/defoamer ...) €/m³ 2.50
Costs / m³
Energy €/m³ 4.50
Maintenance done by customer €/m³ 0.39
Maintenance done by H2O (option) €/m³ 2.90
Spare parts €/m³ 4.40
Consumables (cleaner/defoamer ...) €/m³ 2.50
Savings in fresh water and sewage water costs €/m³ -4.50
Total Costs / m³ €/m³ 10.19

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V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies