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V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies
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V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies

V. M. Tecknologies
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V. M. Tecknologies, Bangalore
Established in the year 2003, VM Tecknologies NS-EN ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 ISO Certificate Company. VM Tecknologies offers end-to-end solutions to industries and commercial entities regarding Fluid Management. Right from procurement & monitoring to maintenances and disposal, we provide all type of fluid management systems and fluid protection systems on clients' premises. We are the manufactures of electrostatic oil cleaners & we ventured into business association with various reputed manufacturers to supply fluid management products, fluid protection products, coolant reconditioning systems, oil separators, water treatment plants, etc.

All these fluid protection products are designed to provide effective fluid protection to keep them clean for longer duration. We have gained complete understanding regrading the working of machine shops, process knowledge, fluid testing & data interpretation. This wide experience in fluid protection systems and fluid management empowers us for providing implementation and enhancement of complete fluid management systems. Our employees possess the training backed by sound knowledge and experience to provide the best of services to the clients.

Most of the small and medium sized machine shops lack requisite fluid management systems and fluid protection systems. Absence of fluid management leads to the a host of problems such as bad odors, machine breakdowns, high fluid disposal costs, high repair costs and shorter tool life. At VMT, we strive to reduce such problems associated to enhance the productivity and operational efficiency.

Products & Services

We offer onsite consultations for fluid management products requirements of any kind and provide fluid protection information including MSDS for specific products. Apart from fluid sampling and testing services for all equipment, we also provide recycling and disposal services as per client requirements and convenience. Our expertise also empowers us to provide consultation on regulatory & disposal requirements.

Our product range includes following systems :

Business Associations

The fluid management and fluid protection products we supply are sourced from reputed manufacturers. Some of these products have patented technologies exclusively manufactured by these companies. These companies are:

H2O GmbH Steinen
H2O is a Germany based mid-size company with an International operation in the area of waste water treatment and recycling. The company has emerged as a European market leader in evaporation technology. It has successfully installed 750 units in countries like North America, Australia, Asia and East Europe.

The core product of the company is vacuum distillation unit VACUDEST®, which celebrated its 20th anniversary as a registered trademark in 2006. This versatile unit can be used for a wide range of process waters. Due to e high quality of the distillate and the advantage that no salts or heavy metals are involved, contrary to other techniques, the distillate may be reused in closed circulation. VACUDEST® are available in different capacities ranging from 20 to 2.000 liters per hour.

H2O also offers service contract in order to optimize the use of the installation. Every unit is installed by expert service technicians, who provide necessary training for operation and maintenance of the unit.

Coolant Wizard
Established in the year 1990, this is an America based company, which manufactures reconditioning systems, mist collectors, proportioner etc. Offering highly reliable and efficient systems, the company adheres to all the specifications required for international standards for quality and safety. Till now, the company has sold over 500 units of coolant reconditioning system in America

Honing Oil Filters
Established in the year 2003, this is a Korean based company, which manufactures and markets oil filters. All the products offered by this company fulfill the requisite international standards for quality, efficiency and reliability. Despite a newly established enterprise, this company has get an international repute. It has sold 6 units in Korea and 1 unit each in China and Hongkong.

Zebra Skimmers Co
Zebra Skimmers is a well established manufacturer of oil skimmers and fluid maintenance equipment, performing on the global platform for over 10 years. The company serves metalworking, parts washing and other industries. Mechanical oil skimmers and other assembly products from Zebra Skimmers are known for reliability. The company caters to automotive, medical and aerospace metalworkers, who make use of CNC machine tools and parts washers, through its channel partners

Frey Messmer Co
Frey Messmer Corporation is a modern manufacturer of oil separators, mixing units, refractometers, magnetic separators, special purpose oil skimmers etc. The company has its own research department and manufactures high quality products that meet modern day needs of metalworking units. Apart from products for the maintenance of industrial liquids, the company also works in the field of environmental protection.

Customer Satisfaction

At VM Tecknologies, the aim is to achieve customer delight rather than just customer satisfaction. It is ensured by the management whether clients' requirements are fulfilled or not. Initially, the technical team meets with the customers to identify appropriate solutions. Once the solution is decides, the team visits a pay to clients' facility to draw details about installation and commissioning. Important on-site consultation is also provided for specific clients' needs. The services are aimed to keep a strict vigil over the various processes such as:

  • Monitoring
  • Bleanding
  • Mixing
  • Filtration

ISO Certificate

Established in the year 2003, VM Tecknologies NS-EN ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 ISO Certificate Company.

ISO Certificate


We have with us the services of highly trained and experienced professionals. The workforce comprises of professionals from different disciplines like marketing & sales, engineering, consultant, administration, etc. The company ensures to train these professionals to keep them compatible with the latest market requirements and to increase their professional skills.

Esteemed Clientèle

Being a customer oriented company, we respond quickly to the customers' quote, whether it is just price quote or purchase orders. Moreover, we have maintained a record for 100% delivery schedules within the mutually agreed time-frame. In addition, we seek to venture into rapid market expansion beyond the shores of India to gain a strong international footprint. Our efforts help us gaining a vast clientèle across the globe. Some of our clients are:

Product Range
Coolant Wizard » Coolant Wizard | Self-Contained Coolant Wizard Systems | Coolant Wizard Machine
Portable Coolant Wizard Systems | Coolant System
Coolant Recondition System » Self-Contained Coolant Reconditioning System
Compact Coolant Reconditioning System
Electrostatic Oil Cleaner » Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine (Regular)
Electrostatic Liquid Cleaning Machine (New Version)
Coolant Wizard Support » Coolant Wizard Mist Collector | Coolant Wizard Proportioner
Temperature Compensated Refractometer | Bio Paddles | Dip Slides
Oil Separators » Mini-Quicksep 70 | Mini-Quicksep 120 | Quicksep 300 Oil Separators | Quicksep 600 Oil Separators | Quicksep 1200 Oil Separators
Skimmers » Mechanical Disc Oil Skimmers | Mechanical Belt Oil Skimmers
Oil Cleaner Test Kit vacuum Dehydration Unit Wastewater Treatment Plant
Vacudest Clear Cat    
V. M. Tecknologies
V. M. Tecknologies

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